Wireless Telecommunications Engineer
Richardson, Texas USA

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Mr. Blais is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He elected the Communications Option during his course of study, and since many of his professors and advisors were connected to the Kennedy Space Center, he naturally focused on radio communications, especially those between the earth and space.

On graduation, he took a position with GTE in the Transmission Engineering Department of General Telephone Co. of Florida (now Verizon). After a few years with GTE-Florida, he transferred to GTE Satellite Corp. (GSAT) as the Station Engineer for domestic satellite earth station in Florida. This station was part of the joint GTE/AT&T domestic satellite (DOMSAT) system. He was later transferred to GSAT headquarters where he continued work on the joint DOMSAT system as well as the Ku-Band system developed by GTE.

From GTE, Mr. Blais joined Telspec and Comtech where he continued his satellite communications activities as well as additional work in troposcatter and point-to-point microwave radio system design.

With the advent of cellular in the 1980s, Mr. Blais transitioned into the design and deployment of cellular systems in the USA and abroad. His first system was Orlando, Florida in 1986. He has since provided engineering services relating to cellular and PCS systems since. He was also involved in the design and deployment of wireless broadband.

The events of September 11, 2001 changed his emphasis to point-to-point microwave radio system design for surveillance and security system and to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system design and implementation for public safety systems. He is currently working in the area of system design and deployment of P25 LMR systems and their terrestrial networks. His primary focus is site selection, propagation prediction, RF system design, implementation support and RF coverage performance verification.

Mr. Blais is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Florida.

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