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Family Events - 2006

Here are a few of the notable events from 2006. They include the usual birthday and holiday celebrations.

Ariel's Birthday

This year Ariel hit the big 4-0. Since he came to us across the Rio Grand, we had a Mexican theme for his party.

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Here are the women at Easter, Ariana, Alissa, Betsy and Chrissy

Below is Betsy with her kids Chrissy, Tim and Holly.

Betsy makes a lot of her own holiday decorations. Here are some Easter table decorations: little flower vases made from dyed eggshells

And below is a close-up of one of the decorations.

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Betsy's Birthday

Here's the birthday girl getting ready to open gifts.

Below, Betsy is having fun with a make-up brush.

And finally, the cake, candles and ice cream.

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Twin's Birthday

The twins, Chrissy and Holly, blowing out their candles.

Holly with a set of new ear-rings.

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The family gathering for Thanksgiving in 2006.

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Ariana's Birthday

Ariana hitting eleven.

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Alissa sorting out the gifts from under the tree.

Tim, Ariel and Chrissy opening gifts.

Chris, Holly and Betsy opening gifts.

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