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Here is a snapshot of the things going on around Bruce and Betsy's place in 2014. These included holidays, birthday parties and other fun events.

Betsy's Quit Smoking Anniversary

On January 25, 2014, Betsy celebrated her 27th anniversary of quitting smoking. They celebrated with a dinner at the Old Warsaw.

They are smiling because they just finished a fine dinner of escargot and filet, followed by raspberry and chocolate soufflés.

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Easter started out at Bruce & Betsy's in 2014 and moved to Tim's place for his birthday party. Below is Bruce and Betsy on Easter Sunday.

Below is Betsy with daughter Chrissy with granddaughter Ariana on the left and Alissa on the right.

Later, the party moved to Tim's place for the birthday celebration. Below is Holly with boyfriend Brian.

The three grandkids are together below. Bret is flanked by Alissa on the left and Ariana on the right.

Bret is pictured below with his girlfriend Taylor.

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Spring Time

This year was rather typical with respect to the house, yard and gardens. To keep this section from becoming too long, photos of the yard and flowers are in Betsy's Gardening section. There are a lot of photos there.

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Tim's Birthday

Since Tim's birthday was close to Easter, they celebrated both on Easter Sunday. The initial Easter gathering was at Bruce & Betsy's and then moved to Tim's for the birthday party. Below is Holly, Betsy, Bret and Taylor.

Bellow is an indoor photo of Brian and Holly.

Tim's friend was also there as he is for most family events.

After a bit of social time, it was on to opening the gifts. Below is Tim in action.

Next, it was time for cake and ice cream.

After the traditional birthday song and candle extinguishing, it was time to cut and serve the cake. Below is Holly "assaulting" the cake with a knife.

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Church Dinner Group

One of the social activities Betsy and Bruce participate in at church is the Dinner Groups. These are groups of couples that rotate hosting at each other's homes once a month for dinner and fellowship.

Below is Betsy with Katie and Margie.

Another part of the group at one of the other tables.

Below is a photo of the entire party.

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Ariana's Reception

Collin and Ariana got married in December of 2013 just before Collin enlisted in the Marines. After finishing his initial training, and on his first leave, they had a delayed reception in June of 2014. Below is Betsy with her granddaughter.

The food at the reception consisted of pizza and soda.

There was also the traditional wedding cake and groom's cake.

Below is a group of most of the wedding party.

Below is Collin and Ariana with her side of the family.

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Bruce's Birthday

Bruce was working in Colorado when his birthday came around, so there was no family party that year.

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Betsy's Birthday

Next on the list of birthdays is Betsy. Like most women, cash is always appreciated as a birthday gift.

Next came the usual singing of happy birthday.

After singing, it was time to blow out the candles

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Twin's Birthday

A month later, it was the twins turn for a birthday. Below is some of the family socializing at the beginning of the festivities. Left to right are Chrissy and Holly, the birthday girls, their brother Tim, and Holly's friend, Brian.

The chicken was fried, the potatoes were mashed and the rolls were baked. Now it was time to eat.

After dinner, it was time for one of our standard party games. This one involves trying to roll "doubles" with a pair of dice in a bowl. When you do, you get to take one of the prizes in the middle of the ring. Once all the prizes are taken, persons rolling "doubles" start taking from each other. The game is timed and runs out after 3 minutes.

After the games, it was time to open the gifts. Below is Chrissy and Holly in action.

After the gift opening, it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles.

With the singing out of the way, it was time to eat.

Bruce doesn't show up to often in the photos since he is usually behind the camera. This time, Betsy got a shot of him once he set the camera down.

And finally, Betsy in a birthday photo with her girls.

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Thanksgiving in 2014 was a bit different. Betsy was the "guest of honor" and everyone else did the cooking. Below is Bruce deep frying the turkey.

Below is Betsy with daughter Chrissy in the kitchen.

Below is another family photo, this time Holly with her niece Aliassa.

Next, it was Betsy with grandson Bret.

And finally, Bret with his mother, Holly.

About an hour after starting, the bird was ready.

Bret brought some beef ribs to go along with the turkey. This is Texas after all.

Finally, all the food was ready and on the table, and everyone was ready to eat.

After dinner, it was time to watch some football.

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Bret's Birthday

In November, it was time for grandson Bret's birthday party. Below is the family gathered for the festivities: Alissa, Tim, Chrissy and Ken.

Below is Bret opening his gifts.

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The house was decorated with lights like it is every year except several strings are LEDs now.

The tree was as nice as ever, with gifts stacked high around its base.

Below is the family room with tree, hearth and cards.

The "arch" leading from the family room to the kitchen.

One of Betsy's hand made reindeer in the family room.

The "Santa" bubble light.

The "second" tree in the front room.

Betsy's hand made reindeer and angles on the piano in the front room.

The lady of the house at the beginning of the Christmas day activities.

Betsy and Bruce toasting the joyful occasion.

Zach, Betsy and son Tim with their toast.

Betsy's daughter Chrissy and friend Jim.

Chrissy with daughters Alissa and Ariana.

Granddaughter Ariana and husband Collin.

Betsy's daughter Holly with son Bret and friend Bryan.

A group photo of the entire clan.

After the family photos, it was time for the gift exchange. Below is half the family.

Bruce and Betsy have quite a family, so it takes two photos to capture them all.

Betsy was one happy "grandma" this day.

Zach with a gift card and battery light for when the power fails.

Alissa opening a gift along side her grandmother.

Bruce getting a new pair of Wranglers.

The gift exchange is organized chaos as seen below.

After the gift exchange, it was time for Christmas dinner.

Granddaughter Alissa made gingerbread men for everyone. Below is the one she made for grandpa Bruce.


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