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Richardson, Texas USA

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bruce's Personal Page

Bruce was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in the late forties. His father was a Florida native and his mother was from Chicago. His parents met in a military hospital at the end of WWII where his mother was nurse. His father was a sailor and served on submarines in WWII.

Bruce grew up in Daytona and attended Catholic school through his sophomore year in high school. He transferred to Titusville HS when his father took an engineering position with the Apollo program at the Kennedy Space Center. Bruce went on to obtain a BSEE at the University of Florida. During this time, he was involved in most of the typical "Florida boy" things such as hot cars, hunting, boating, fishing, surfing, etc. At the University of Florida, he was also a member of the sailing team.

His first job was with GTE - Florida in the Transmission Engineering Dept. where he worked with the conversion of the telephone system from analog to digital technologies. During this time, he spent most of his free time sailing and occasionally racing an MORC certified Morgan 22 around the Tampa Bay area and up and down the west coast of Florida.

When GTE got into the satellite communications business, he transferred to GTE - Satellite Corp. and took a position as station engineer at a large facility outside Homosassa Springs, Florida. He sold the sailboat, bought an 24' Proline outfitted for off-shore fishing and proceeded to fish and explore the spring-fed rivers of west-central Florida. He eventually was transferred to corporate headquarters in Stamford, CT. where he worked on the team that developed the GSTAR Ku-band satellite system.

From GTE, he began his entrepreneurial pursuits with a move to Long Island doing systems engineering for competitive common carrier ventures. That move eventually ended up at Comtech in Orlando, a welcomed move since he is a Florida native.

His career in Land Mobile Radio began with the construction of the Orlando cellular system in the mid 80's and continued through the cellular and PCS booms of the 80's and 90's. He worked as an independent consultant during the 90's and eventually got "sucked" into wireless telecom in the Dallas suburb of Richardson.

 This started out as a consulting business, but once immersed in the Texas lifestyle, decided to become "Texan" and moved there in 1993. Like so many folks around these parts, he wasn't born here, but got here as soon as he could and  does not have plans to live anywhere else. He has come to enjoy the Texas lifestyle, particularly county & western dancing, mountain biking and other outdoor interests.


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