Bruce & Betsy Blais
Richardson, Texas USA

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Bruce's Personal interests 

Bruce's interests are in line with most aging boomers. The kids are grown and gone, so this leaves more time for personal interests. He has always been the active outdoors type, engaged in a variety of water sports while growing up in Florida. These included sailing, water skiing, surfing and snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Now, it's projects around the house, off-road cycling (mountain biking) and Country-Western dancing.

Projects are mostly related to home and yard improvement. They include light remodeling, energy efficiency upgrades, yard improvements and similar activities.

The interest in mountain biking was purely accidental. He needed exercise. The joints were too old to run anymore, so he got on the stationary bike. Watching the news and peddling away got to be really boring, so he decided to take the peddling outside and bought an inexpensive bike. The roads were too scary and the bike paths quickly became boring, so he took it off-road. He is now "hooked" on off-road cycling and has even started competing in local club races.

When possible, he also uses a bicycle to run errands and visit work locations. This is an outgrowth of his need to stay fit and be eco-friendly.

Dancing is also one of the things he enjoys. It allows him to hang out in honky-tonks, drink and get a little exercise all at the same time.




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